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Win365 Registration Offer-Win365 Online Game s? ?? online

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Win365 Sport Online-Win365 Online Game s? ?? online

Cam tuy?t

Cho d ??u thu b? s?ng du khch ?? m?t nhi?u t, nh?ng v?n l c cht tu?i tr? nam n?, cam tuy?t cng cam m?c tr?m m?c m ?i t?i, nghnh di?n ?i t?i m?t ??i thanh nin nam n?.

T? hm ? Ng??i ? ni gi?n, ta sao c th? kh?ng ?i.

Cam tuy?t b?i v cnh tay b? th??ng, ?ang b? t? hm ?n ? trn gi??ng d??ng b?nh, nhn kh??ng uy?n vo c?a, l?p t?c mu?n xu?ng gi??ng.

Kh??ng uy?n bi?t nhi t? th??ng tam, nh?ng v?n l l?nh lng ni Ta ?au lng m?t cht con dau c?a ta lm sao v?y! Ng??i cng ng??i ni, ng??i nh?ng kh?ng cho b?i v nh? v?y ght b? A Tuy?t! N?u l kh?ng c A Tuy?t b?i ng??i, ng??i hi?n t?i v?n l ci ?n ch?i trc tng, v?n l ?n kh?ng ng?i r?i!

Nhn ??n ny bn h?, cam tuy?t l?i ngh? t?i m?y thng tr??c, nng cng ?o?n tr?ch ng?c t?i du h?, b? t? hm mang ?i s? tnh.

Cam tuy?t ?au h?, t? hm l?p t?c l?i ko cam tuy?t kh?ng c b? th??ng ci tay kia, ?em cam tuy?t ko l?i ?ay.

T? hm kch ??ng g?t ??u ?n an!

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Win365 Sport Online-Win365 Online Game s? ?? online

Win365 Esport-Win365 Online Game s? ?? online

C th?! Cam tuy?t b?t l?y t? hm cnh tay. Nhn chan lm b? mu?n than ?i ln.

T? hm b?t ??c d? ?y khu?t, nh?ng l h?n kh?ng ni, h?n ch? l yn l?ng g?t ??u.

Thi?u nin thanh am mang theo khn khn, d? th??ng t? tnh, cam tuy?t c?m th?y chan m?m m kh?ng ???c, sau ? nh? nhng m g?t ??u xem nh? ?p ?ng.

M?t th?o m?t bn c?i o m?t bn h??ng t?i cam tuy?t ?i ??n Ti?u n??ng t? tnh tnh ?? cay.

H?, v?y ng??i h?n m?t ci. T? hm v?n l ??a l?ng v? pha cam tuy?t.

Cam tuy?t v?n l kh?ng dm ?em bnh bao l?y ra t?i ?n.

Ngy ny, L?c uy?n chi ?ang ng?i ? trong phng nghe h? nhan h?i bo t? hm cng cam m?c hnh tung.

Nhn ??n t? hm nh? th? kch ??ng, m?t b? ch? kh?ng k?p b? dng, cam tuy?t m?t tr?n v? ng? Ng??i nh? v?y kch ??ng lm g?

? bn trang ?i?m th??ng ng?, ??i than th? kh?ng t?t, h?n n?a ln th?i ?i?m cn s? eo ?au b?i ?au, t? hm th?t c?n th?n m ?em cam tuy?t b? ln t?i phng t?i trn gi??ng.

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Win365 Football-Win365 Online Game s? ?? online

Win365 Slot Game-Win365 Online Game s? ?? online

Kh?ng bi?t v ci g nng b b kh??ng uy?n c?m th?y nng mang thai, cn c? ngy cho nng t?ng ?? b? than th?, th?m ch cn ? tuy?n hi t? tn.

Tr??c m?t ch? c tin t??ng ng??i ny.

To r?ng qu?n o l?p t?c ?em cam tuy?t bao l?i.

Mu?n xu?ng gi??ng, th? t?t ph?i dng t?i tay cnh tay, ph?i dng l?c, r?t c th? lm cho cnh tay cng than th? th??ng mi?ng v?t th??ng x rch.

Hi?n t?i t? hm th?t gi?ng nh? l m?t thanh s?c bn dao nh?, kh?ng gi?ng nh? l pha tr??c ?n ch?i trc tng c?ng t?, c?ng kh?ng ngh? l lm n?ng th?i ?i?m, nh? v?y t? hm, lm cam tuy?t s? h?i.

M?t th?o cu?i cng nhn ??n chnh l v??n m?t bn tay t? hm, h?n y?t h?u th??ng ki?m chnh l ??n t? chnh t? hm.

D sao, ly l?n tr??c n??ng hoi nghi ng??i mang thai c?ng m?i b?t qu m?y ngy.

M?t th?o ch?n ch?. C l? l nh? t?i pha tr??c l?c ?an l?i ni, ch? c?n n? nhan ny ?? ch?t, kia h?n c?ng li?n ?? ch?t.

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Win365 Football-Win365 Online Game s? ?? online

Win365 Gaming Site-Win365 Online Game s? ?? online

Tuy r?ng cam tuy?t trong lng c ?i?m k? qui. C?ng kh?ng ?? y nhi?u.

?n. Cam tuy?t tam tnh chnh h? xu?ng, ho?ng h?t m ln ti?ng.

Cam tuy?t tham h? m?t h?i, dng s?c khp m?t phen chnh mnh mi?ng v?t th??ng.

?n, c?ng ?ng. T? hm m? to m?t ??ng ln, V?y ng??i mu?n nh? th? no than.

Qu?n o h?n ??n, tc r?i b?i, trn m?t cn treo n??c m?t, nhn dng v? r?t gi?ng b? qu. B? cay ?u?c m?t s?m, trn m?t n??c m?t sng l?p lnh.

T? hm c??i ng?a tr? l?i v??ng ph?, ci th? nh?t li?n ?i tm cam tuy?t.

B?t qu b?i v n?a s?ng n?a chn, cu?i cng v?n l kh?ng c s? h?o, trn ??nh ??u b?c nh? r?i r?c, cn r?i r?ng kh?ng t s?i tc.

Nng ln th?i ?i?m pht hi?n t? hm kh?ng ?, trong lng m?t tr?n ho?ng lo?n, ng? ngc m ? trn gi??ng lm m?t h?i lau m?i tnh ton xu?ng gi??ng ?em ??u tc ??n gi?n m s? m?t cht.

C?m ?n ca ca, b?o h? bin quan quan tr?ng sao.

?ay l em dau ?i? T? l?ng t? n th? sau ?i ra, c??i nhn cam tuy?t.

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